Tips for Choosing the Right Dough Mixer

dough mixerIf you love the taste of freshly home-baked bread or a homemade pizza, but don't like the effort of kneading the dough, then the best option for you is to buy a dough mixer. However, like buying any other appliance, you need to plan before buying this kneading machine for your kitchen. Choosing the right mixer could be a tricky thing as there are so many products to select from. The tips given below would help you in making the right choice before you spend your money on this appliance.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dough Mixer

1. Motor Power of Mixer
It is important to choose a mixer which has more power. The thickness of dough that you knead for your bread is much more than thickness of cake mixture. Therefore, by using a mixer with less amount of motor power could result in damaging of motor while mixing. A powerful motor would last longer and reduce time it normally takes for kneading of dough. When choosing the best mixer for your needs, you must go for a powerful motor that you can afford.

2. Weight of Mixer
You must buy a mixer that has good intrinsic weight. This would ensure that the mixer remains stable even during heavy usage. When you are kneading bread dough, the resistance applied on the motor is more and this could destabilize a light weight mixer. However, buying a heavy mixer would be right solution of this problem.

3. Capacity of Mixer
Deciding the right mixing capacity of mixer is another important decision. If you are going to use the mixer for kneading pizza or bread dough for one or two people, it is useless to buy a high-capacity mixer. This would also help you in deciding the amount of motor power you would need to complete your kneading requirements. However, if you are a going to make dough in large quantity, then you might have to choose a professional style mixer.

4. Ease of Use
Most of the mixers made for home usage have simple operations, but still you must choose the one that you think would be easiest for you to use. There are several things to consider like placement of controls, easily readable instruction, etc. A machine that is easy to operate could save you plenty of effort and time. After all that's why you are buying a mixer to get rid of all hassles related to kneading of dough.

5. Safety Features
You must check for safety features that are available in the appliance, in case if you make some mistake. It happens sometimes that after starting the mixer users forget to shut it down. This may lead to over mixing of dough or in worst case scenario lead to serious damage of motor. Therefore, you must check for fail safe's, which are provided by the company in their appliance. These safety features would ensure safety of the appliance and its longer life.

6. Additional Attachments
There are plenty of attachments that you would need once you start to use your mixer. Mixer could be used for several purposes, getting additional attachments while buying mixer could save you plenty of money later on. There are sometimes optional attachments that you could take or you might get in discount from company's side. You should go through all the available options when choosing the mixers.

7. Easy to Clean
For the proper maintenance of mixer it is important that you must clean it after every use. Therefore, when buying mixer you must check how easy it is to clean the mixer. This would save you plenty of time later. A tough cleaning mixer could be a nightmare, when you use it regularly.

8. Warranty
You must check warranty that you are getting on the mixer. When checking warranty, give special emphasis on the amount of warranty you are getting on motor of the appliance. Motor is the most vulnerable, costliest and essential part of any mixer. Therefore, checking proper warranty would help you in future.

Choosing right dough mixer is not an easy task, but the tips given above would help you in making a value for money purchase. It is better to check for the product reviews in some reputable sites, before you buy it.

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